Price list

Complex examination without medical insurance 700 – 1200,-Kč
Control examination 400 – 800,-Kč
Driving licence certification exams and tests 500,- Kč
Driving licence certification exams and tests for people over 60 years of age 250,- Kč
Exams and tests for professional drivers over 60 years of age 500,- Kč
Firearm holders examination 500,- Kč
Work-related accident form    500,- Kč
Restituition at work-related accident form   500,- Kč
Regular check up for the employer    500,- Kč
Summary of medical record 300,- Kč
Application of contact lenses  500,-Kč
Plusoptix examination 200,- Kč
Therapeutic contact lenses   200,- Kč
Additional charge 500,- Kč
Additional appointments out of office hours, weekends 500,- Kč
Surgical removal of chalazion (Meibomian cyst)  300,- Kč
Temporary blockage of tear ducts 1.000Kč
Permanent tear duct plugs 3.600Kč


Removal of skin bumps and lumps

Surgical removal of Eye wart (verruca), pigmented birthmarks (nevi), eyelid cysts epidermoid cyst (atheroma) on face and body – 1 structure from 450,- Kč
Removal of any further structure after the previous procedure has been performed 300,- Kč
Non-surgical (electrocautery) treatment to remove fibroid on one eyelid from 300,- Kč
Non-surgical removal of milia on one eyelid and face from 300,- Kč
Non-surgical removal of multiple atypical moles (dysplastic nevus) and lesions on eyelids and near the eye (using electrocautery) with regard to size and amount from 300,- Kč
Histologic examination of skin lesions for cosmetic reasons 500,- Kč

We have contracts with all health insurance companies, prices valid only for paying patients and procedures not covered by health insurance.