Skin marks and nodes

Different types of ugly nodes, spots or vascular anomalies, often harmless,  may develop around eyes in the area of the eyelids but also on the compexion and skin of the body. They involve both aesthetic and health problems. It is simply advised to remove them.


What can be removed:

Atheroms Small fluid-filled sacs which form by clogging of the sebaceous gland duct which in turn causes the sebum to accumulate in the gland and around it.
Warts (vulgaris verruca) Benign tumors caused by a virus
Fibroid tumors  Soft, painless benign tumors of the skin colour in the shape of small ball or roll often grown on thin stalk
Skin lumps  Small benign soft tissue growth of different size 
Milia  Tiny hard white bumps on the skin
Papiloma  Painless harmelss cauliflower-like formations growing up to 1 centimeter
Pigmented epidermal nevi Benign spots or small bundles of brown colour made up by accumulation of pigment cells (“birthmarks”) 
Seborrheic verrecu These are ubiquitous, benign, hyperkeratotic brown or brownish-black skin lesions associated with ageing. Presence and frequency increases with age: almost all elderly patients have some. They start small – few milimeters and grow in size up to 2 centimeters. (senile warts).
Solars (actinic, senile) keratosis Defined sculy red patches which drop off. They arise in middle age and older patients as a result of cumulative solar ultraviolet exposure (face, back of the hands etc.)
Xantehlasma is a sharply demarcated yellowish deposit of fat underneath the skin, usually on or around the eyelids.