Price list – aesthetic

Consultation prior to aesthetic procedures (the cost of the consultation will be deducted from the cost of your procedure if the procedure is performed)  500,-Kč


Botulinum toxin

Botulin toxin price refers to the amount used.
Frown lines – glabella from 1500,- Kč
Forehead lines from 1500,- Kč
Gabella lines and forehead lines from 5000,- Kč
Crow´s feet- 1 side from 2000,- Kč
Lip lines (smoker´s lines) on upper lip from 1000,- Kč
Forehead rows from 1000,- Kč



Price refers to amount applied
Face from 3000,- Kč
Neck from 2500,- Kč
Decolle from 3500,- Kč
Hands from 4000,- Kč


Chemical peel

Chemical peel in the areas of face, back of the neck, decolle, hands and forearm 1000,- Kč
Skin soothing mask after treatment 300,- Kč
Post chemical peel skin care from 750,-Kč
Rejuvenationg, bleaching, hydration, lift cream from 390,-Kč



Price of fillers refers to the amount used.
Frown lines – glabella from 3000,- Kč
Sagging skin from 6000,- Kč
Drooping lip corner from 4000,- Kč
Nose to mouth line (Naso labial fold) from 6000,- Kč
Lips (contour enlargement, shape correction) from 4000,- Kč
Vertical lip lines from 4000,- Kč
Chin wrinkles and lines from 4000,- Kč
Mesolift facial from  4000,- Kč


Removal of bumps and lumps

Warts and verrucas removal moles (pigmented nevi), cysts, atheromas on face and body surgically – 1 formation from 450,- Kč
Removal of any further structure after the previous procedure has been performed from ,- Kč
Non-surgical (electrocautery) treatment to remove fibroid on one eyelid from 300,- Kč
Non-surgical removal of milia on one eyelid and face from  300,- Kč
Non-surgical removal of multiple atypical moles (dysplastic nevus) and lesions on eyelids and near the eye (using electrocautery) with regard to size and amount from 300,- Kč
Histologic examination of skin lesions for cosmetic reasons 500,- Kč