Skin ageing process on face, decollete and neck causes decrease in collagen and elastin fibers and water. The skin gets drier, loses its radiancy and firmness. The skin also loses elasticity and first wrinkles appear.


Application procedure of mesoptherapy

It involves multiple injections using a very fine needle which are 1 cm far from each other. These are administered immediately beneath the surface of the skin to store it with acid hyaluronic. Acid hyaluronic attracts molecules of water and thus rehydrates, rejuvenates and tightens the skin. /mesolift/.
The effect is temporary, however, procedure can be repeated any time. It is recommended to repeat the first procedure after 14 days. The next should be done after 2 months, if required.


 It is advised to drink plenty of water, avoid sun exposure and to use high UV factor sun lotions at least for 3 days after the treatment.