Skin aging process causes loss of elasticity and firness of the skin. Skin contours wilt and wrinkles deepen over time.  


Fillers help us solve the following problems:


  Application of fillers is simple, it doesn´t take much time and does not affect client´s everyday life. It is thus important to make sure that the material is of high quality, safe and hypoalergic to guarantee successful application and final effect. Consultation with the doctor is necessary who will decide what type of filling material is the most appropriate for you.


The duration of the effect with regard to type of material is usually one year. However, the duration of the effect is highly individial, it depend on its decomposition in the skin except for the implants.


The most popular is hyaluronic acid which is safe, hypoallergic easy to apply. Hyaluronic acid gel stimulates collagen production and absorbs water.


The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and its own filler is applied alone or with anesthetic using micro-injections.


The effect is visible immediately after and no special treatment is required after the application.