Botulin toxin wrinkles removal


It is non-surgical outpatient procedure with minimum recovery time. A thin needle is used to inject tiny amount of botulin toxin into muscles. Botulin toxins block nerve activity in the muscle causing a temporaty reduction in muscle activity. The result is tightened skin and smoothing lines. Treatment does not develop any scars. The effect of botulin toxin will be seen in 2 or 3 days after application. Maximum effect can be seen between 10-14 days. Duration of effect ranges from 3-6 months.  Repeated treatments prolong the duration of the effect.


Usual amount of botulin toxin dosage for individual parts varies from 20 units. We can treat e.g.

  • Frown line removal
  • Forehead line removal
  • Crow´s feet removal
  • Removal of Marionette lines, sad smile and lip lines


Consultation with your doctor is very important to evaluate and determine the dosage which will be applied.     After application of botulin toxin patients must remain in vertical position at least for 4 hours. It is also necessary to train treated muscles following the instructions in order to make sure that the dosage is  evenly applied. Patients should avoid touching  treated areas, massaging, sauna and solarium  procedures for 2 days, flying by plane, undergoing skin cosmetic treatments, laser laser resurfacing etc.