About us

Welcome to the eye clinic for both children and adults.

Our well-equipped clinic of top quality offers complex care for children and adults, care for cataract and glaucoma patients, training regarding the handling and applying branded contact lenses as well as their sale.

High quality modern equipped clinic disposes of device determining eye disorders even in young children.  

Prevention, diagnostics and treatment of cornea diseases, iris disorders, retinal diseases, vitreous body diseases as well as ocular traumatology issues belong to our services. We also treat diseases of lacrimal passage and dry eye syndrome, we deal with strabismus and treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye). We perform some surgical interventions including blepharoplasty, lacrimal sac wash out, probing of nasolacrimal duct and temporary lacrimal passage obstruction. We provide emergrency services for all eye injuries.  

Do not put off your check up at eye doctor! Eyes are the sense organs, by means of which we perceive  90 % of happening around us.



Regular check-ups at eye clinic should also be undergone by people who have not had any problems with their eyesight so far. High occurence of civilization diseases increases the risk of sudden blindness in completely healthy people. More than 500 000 people in Czech republic suffer from age-related macular degeneration, as many as 75% of patients with diabetes suffer from diabetic retinopathy, however many of them do not even know about it.  

Recommended number of check ups: once a year
Recommended number of check ups for the people suffering form refractory disease, diabetes, high, low or fluctuating blood pressure and other internal diseases, for those with family history of glaucoma: once a six months